Accountability for Entrepreneurs

In today’s episode, I go into a very important topic that sadly keeps many entrepreneurs from being truly successful: not getting work done!

No excuses! Chris and I don’t want to hear it.

Talking about accountability for entrepreneurs, I discuss:
-How disappointing it is to see people take the leap to start a business and fail because of a lack of accountability
-Excuses from entrepreneurs justifying why they’re not doing the work to achieve their goals
-How to change the cycle of only being answerable to yourself to make favorable progress
-Being truthful to yourself: has being on your own made your productivity suffer?
-The importance of involving an accountability partner to help you become more successful
-Where to find an accountability partner and what to look for in one
-Choosing an accountability partner in the same field VS someone who knows nothing about the work you do
-Expert University’s paid accountability service for entrepreneurs
-How the service is a minimum investment for maximum accountability and personalized encouragement
-The service inclusions (training period, goal-setting wizard, weekly progress reports, chat messaging system, etc)

Mentioned in this podcast:
Expert University’s paid accountability service:

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