Entrepreneurs Online Podcast Interview with Amazon Seller Elena Saris of Saris Inc

Today’s interview features someone who has managed to break the glass celling both in her 25-year career as a Deputy Public Defender and her stint as an Amazon seller and Shopify store owner.

Elena Saris’ loaded resume lists her impressive career trajectory as a Criminal Defense Attorney, former Stand-Up Comic, and 7-figure e-commerce seller. It’s surprising to know that this regular speaker and guest at conferences and TV shows still has much time for hobbies outside her decorated career as a lawyer and online entrepreneur. She reads a lot, enjoys traveling, and even has a geriatric movie club where she just taught two 98-year olds how to use Zoom!

We discuss:
-the perfect storm that led to her transition from being a lawyer to her chapter 2 of working online
-her inclination to having something to balance the seriousness of her day job led to other interests like stand-up comedy
-how she realized she could make money online by taking a class that led to selling a t-shirt that surprisingly earned her a couple thousand dollars
-the two ways you could look at earning online
-how for her, online entrepreneurship was a side-hustle at first because she still had her law practice
-what she thinks is the hardest part about transitioning to making money online from a secure 9-5
-the mindset shift you’re required to have to really succeed as an online entrepreneur
-her new online e-commerce course launching in October 2020
-her thoughts on women in the workplace, breaking that glass ceiling, and more representation for women in the online entrepreneurship space
-her advice to women who want to get into online entrepreneurship regardless of age
-her philosophy of allowing yourself to be a beginner first to succeed
-why she thinks marketing is an enduring skill that’s important to learn

Check out Elena’s e-commerce course at www.wewillshowyouhow.com

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