Entrepreneurs Online Podcast Interview with Digital Nomad Tom Myers of Wholesale Inspector

“In today’s episode, Tom Myers joins the podcast from Bali to share his experiences as a digital nomad working from anywhere in the world. This talented web developer and hugely successful SAAS tool creator talks about how the last 3 years of traveling the world as a remote worker impacted not just his life but his businesses too.

We discuss:
-all the US states he’s seen, the countries he’s been to, and his favorite among all of those
-how he severed the geo-dependence on a job that allowed him to travel the world
-his laptop lifestyle that doesn’t tie him down anywhere but allows him to stay on top of his many successful businesses
-the goal that sparked his decision to move from being a contractor to a digital nomad
-how traveling gives him richer experiences and allows him to get into work invigorated
-the success of his SAAS tool Wholesale Inspector and how it’s run over almost 10 billion products
-his new inventory management tool launching soon and other projects in the works
-his advice for people who want to become a digital nomad like him

Check out Tom’s wholesale sourcing SAAS tool at https://www.wholesaleinspector.com/ .

Mentioned in This Episode:
4-hour Work Week book by Tim Ferris – https://fourhourworkweek.com/

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