Entrepreneurs Online Podcast Interview with Scott Needham of BuyBoxer

Today, we’ve got BuyBoxer CEO and Co-Founder Scott Needham on the podcast. Currently, Scott enjoys a spot as one of the Top 60 sellers on all of Amazon; even reaching an all-time high of securing a spot in the Top 10!

We talk about:
– using the wholesale model to launch and grow an ecommerce business
– what it means to be an ecommerce business owner
– why Amazon is a good place to start and how selling on Amazon can be way more than a side hustle when done right
– how he exclusively used the wholesage model to go from jump to 65 million in profit in only 5 years
– his best advice for those looking to start an ecomm business

Scott hosts his own podcast called The Smartest Amazon Seller In The Room where we’ve had the pleasure of guesting. Listen to our EP here:

Connect with Scott on instagram: @smartestseller and check out their services over at www.buyboxer.com

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1 comment on “Entrepreneurs Online Podcast Interview with Scott Needham of BuyBoxer
  1. Daronne says:

    Great conversation, insightful, and gives me the juice to push forward to build, build, build.

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