Entrepreneurship and Taxes Good or Bad

It’s tax talk today on the podcast.

Before you snooze on me, hear me out. There’s a lot of interesting talk about taxes lately specifically President Trump’s tax returns.

But don’t worry this episode won’t be intentionally political! Today will be all about business taxes and how they apply to budding entrepreneurs or those with already existing businesses.

I talk about:
-President Trump’s tax situation right now and how it applies to entrepreneurs
-Why I think everyone should start a side business
-My advice for maximizing tax advantages when starting your own business
-Existing tax laws beneficial to entrepreneurs
-Purists getting upset at people with means who pay less taxes than the working class when they have no real understanding of how the system works
-Why tax deductions are almost non-existent for the working class
-The reason why big businesses are given tax benefits and incentives
-Why a country actually depends on big businesses and SMEs to support the economy
-My personal opinion on what the most fair form of tax is
-Moving somewhere without state income tax
-The trickle down effect of big businesses getting more tax incentives and then generating jobs for the working class
-My belief of paying your fair share of taxes and not a penny more

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