How to Make Money as an Entrepreneur Online Part 2

In this episode, we’re picking up right where we left off.

I dive into actual examples of ways to earn online and discuss:
-my definition of success
-affiliate marketing and how doing it right can make it very lucrative for you
-the real reason why affiliate marketing has a bad reputation
-how to crack the YouTube code and actually make good money with it (hint: it’s not only about becoming an influencer and raking in views and subscriptions)
-becoming a virtual assistant in a gig economy
-the many different kinds of virtual assistant jobs and why having or being a VA yourself highly depends on what you want to accomplish by making money online
-4-hour work weeks and outsourcing work
-other ways to earn online like online tutoring, social media management, web design, content writing, or using kindle ebooks as a delivery device to solve problems

Mentioned in This Episode:
4-hour Work Week book by Tim Ferris –

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