How to Make Money as an Entrepreneur Online Part 3

For the last installment in the How to Make Money Online as an Entrepreneur series, I talk about content creation, specifically creating online courses. There are some really good ones out there but also a good number of flops from self-proclaimed guru content creators. Watch out!

I talk about:
– the big mistake that people make that hinders them from becoming a good content creator
– battling impostor syndrome
– creating courses on your area of expertise
– Expert University’s content creation over the years and training others to become experts in their fields
– why I prefers people call Chris and I long-term businessmen and not “gurus”
– how I feel about people asking us to expose gurus on the podcast
– the many complications of call-out culture
– gurus with hit-and-run nonsense
– why our manner of steering people in the right direction isn’t always sexy but it’s legit

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