How to Spot a Fake Guru Online Entrepreneurs Online Podcast

Would you recognize a fake guru if you saw one? Warning: the first thing a fake guru says is that they’re not a fake guru!

Today, we talk about fake gurus who profit off of making big but often empty promises and monetize training programs full of simply rehashed or outsourced content.

We also touch on our unique approach of creating systems and sharing processes to help others succeed in Amazon and in their online business that’s contrary to the low risk, high reward magic button that fake gurus like to bait their audience with.

If you’ve got higher hopes for yourself, maybe you’re looking for a way to get out of the 9-5 hustle, or maybe you’ve already started an online business and you’ve tried a bunch of things but something’s not working, this is for you.

Chris also talks about the change in mindset that gave him a new set of lenses about being in the entrepreneurial game and how those who find themselves in a similar position can expect to find more value in the podcast.

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