Things School Doesn’t Teach You

Is college actually worth it nowadays?

With this pandemic and the consequent shift to virtual learning, the full college experience has been greatly decimated while tuition remains the same, even higher in some schools.

So is it really still worth it? To go through four years of that, incurring massive debt in the process, only to realize you never learned the most important things because school doesn’t teach them?

In today’s episode, we discuss:
-Can you really learn what you need in university at that expense?
-The question to ask yourself when deciding if you should go to school and get a degree
-How the pandemic and shift to virtual education is affecting students and the full college experience they’re paying for
-The antiquated education system and the fact that most universities are for profit institutions
-The story of how Todd went to 6 institutions but never finished school because he was busy being a successful entrepreneur already
-What school doesn’t teach and what it should
-Online education as a viable alternative to formal school
-How Expert University teaches what school doesn’t: principles of success, how to face failure, how to start an online business, how to manage time, etc

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