Why Entrepreneurs Online Should Focus on the Right Numbers

Many new entrepreneurs today are confused about where they’re going and how to proceed. In the last episode, we talked about why focusing on one thing can pave the way for your business to succeed.

This follow-up episode gives sage advice on paying attention to the one thing that really matters when starting a business = revenue.

Talking about focusing on the right numbers, I discuss:
-How to combat the confusion of where you’re going and what you’re doing as an entrepreneur
-The one thing that matters when starting your business
-What I mean by paying attention to the right numbers
-Why it’s important to focus on the revenue and sales above all else
-Focusing on getting the dollar in the door first rather than perfecting the business right away
-Our Amazon Training Course: Wholesale Product Mastery
-Takeaways on power law distribution from Marketplace Pulse
-Scott Needham’s success with BuyBoxer
-Selling using the Wholesale Model

Mentioned in this podcast:
E-commerce intelligence firm Marketplace Pulse: https://www.marketplacepulse.com/amazon
Entrepreneurs Online Interview with Scott Needham: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4BOqjmOi7E8sMHAPzNY3A7?si=7jOhBONvQTmW4QjTyY1_zg
Wholesale Inspector: https://www.wholesaleinspector.com/

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