Why Focusing on One Thing is the Best Advice for Entrepreneurs Online

I want to share the single most important advice I have ever received in starting my own business. I know for sure that Todd agrees that this topic is really crucial for anyone looking to become an entrepreneur online.

I talk about:
-what focus really means
-why we don’t have the level of focus we need today
-how our technological advancements today affect the number of distractions we have
-why I believe no one can really multitask
-the problem with being inundated with information as soon as we wake up
-how to stop the noise and unnecessary distractions
-how I achieved the success I enjoy today by unsubscribing from everything and focusing on the one path I really wanted to go on which was Amazon
-why it’s actually liberating to pick the one direction you want to go, the one business you want to do
-focusing on one thing and getting good at it VS multitasking and not getting much done in any of those

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